FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

Information to new and future members of Østjysk Klatreklub


Here you can read what being a member of OJKK is all about, how the club works and how to get started. The information is presented in an FAQ-format (frequently asked questions).

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is ”Ny i Klatring” ? 

”Ny i Klatring” is an event for anyone who is interested in climbing and curious to find out more. Participating in the event is the gateway to join the club if you have no previous experience. You get to try climbing and bouldering, as well as get more detailed information about the club and climbing in general.

Can’t I just show up anytime and have a go?

No, you can´t. Safety is an important part of climbing and something every climber needs to grasp. That’s why you must sign up for the ”Ny i Klatring”-event. You may attend as a guest – but ONLY if you have a friend who is a member and will host you and be responsible for you. 

Guests pay 60dkr and may borrow shoes and/or harness free of charge.

How do I become a member?

You register at the homepage, https://www.ojkk.dk/. Click on “Klubmodul”, set up your profile and pay the fee. Download the app ”klubmodul”, which is what you need to show the key-holder or instructor the first time you attend the club.

I have already tried climbing, do I still have to attend the ”Ny i Klatring” event before becoming a member?

If you have climbed before at a park, on vacation or in another club, you don’t have to. You do however have to remember to register as a member before arriving at the club.  For security reasons all members must attend the K1 safety class.

When do I get my membership card?

Your membership card is available in the app ”klubmodul”. Just log on and you will see the card, upcoming events, what teams you can join as well as contact information for the management and instructors. 

How do I learn to belay another climber?

Sign up for the K1 safety-class, which is generally given on the second Tuesday of every month at 19:00-21:00. Children under the age of 10 need not take the class but must be accompanied by an adult who has. From the age of 10 children may take the K1, but we recommend that they always be accompanied by an adult if the child is 10-11 years old. Please be advised that the safety certificate for children is only valid in our club. 

Do I have to have my own gear or can I rent?

As a new member you can rent gear the first few times (shoes and harness). You do however need to buy your own belay and carabiner. As the rental equipment is primarily for guests, you will eventually have to get your own. Spejdersport gives members a 20% discount upon showing your membership card (in the app). 

There are also many shops online where you can get your equipment. Shoes however are always recommended to buy in an actual shop where you can try them on, as the sizes between the different brands vary quite a bit.

My child/junior really wants to climb – what do I do?

You must first participate in the “Ny i Klatring”-event together with your child. You can sign up for the event in the “klubmodul” under “event”. Secondly, sign the child, or junior (up to the age of 15), up as a member in the club and participate in the safety class. The child may climb any time that the club is open but must always be accompanied by an adult for safety reasons. If the child wants to join a team, he or she must sign up for child class (age app. 6-10) or junior class (age 10-app. 15). In order to join the team, the child/junior must have a paid membership in the club as well as having participated in the K1 safety class.

I’m the parent of a child who climbs – do I have to be a member too?

If you don’t want to climb yourself, you have to join as a passive member via your child’s profile. You also have to take the K1 safety class (which you sign up for online via your child’s profile). Harness can be borrowed at the club, but you have to get your own brake and carabiner. If you at any time, as many parents, also want to start climbing, then you sign up as a regular member and get your own equipment. Please be advised that you are not allowed to drop your child off at the club without an accompanying adult. For safety reasons it is necessary for the adults to help out at child classes.

When is the club open?

It’s open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 17:00-21:00. A key-holder is responsible for locking and unlocking. The club is also often open on Tuesdays unless there is a class, as well as on the weekends (no set hours).

I would like to participate in organized group-training. Is there such a thing?  

Yes, there is. On Wednesdays 18:30-20:00 “onsdagsholdet” is open for everyone from the age of 15, from beginner-level to more experienced. All that’s required is that you have a desire to practice in a group setting, to participate in communal warm up and learn new techniques in order to improve your climbing skills. 

I’m a new member but I don’t know anyone else in the club who climbs. Can I come alone?

Yes, sure! Many people come alone without a partner. When you first arrive, just talk to anyone who looks a bit more experienced, and they will help you out. The K1 and “Ny i Klatring”-events are great opportunities to look for a partner. You can also find members who are looking to partner up with someone on our Facebook page. 

Can I climb anytime?

Basically, climbing is allowed 07:00-22:00. This however requires that someone will be there to lock up for you, or that you buy your own key card. Please check the Facebook page for further information on who will be around to open during the week.

Who makes sure that things are kept in order?

We all do, it’s a collective responsibility to make sure that things are kept neat. The last person or persons must make sure that all ropes are coiled and that the lounge area is neat and orderly.

How do I get a key card?

You order it via our homepage. The cost is 200dkr (of which 100dkr is a refundable deposit). If you go outside regular hours, it’s customary to let other members know via Facebook so that they too may attend. This is especially important to remember on the weekends.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, of course! As a paying member you are welcome to bring a guest. The fee for the guest is 60dkr and is payable by mobilepay, which they then show the instructor or key holder. If you are a member of another club (ex. Kolding, Sønderborg, Ribe, Århus, Ålborg and others) belonging to Klatreforbundet you may attend as a guest without a host, and free of charge. It is not possible to attend as a guest unless you have a host (who is a member) or that you yourself is a member of any of the other clubs belonging to Klatreforbundet. 

Is it normal for my feet to hurt when I wear climbing shoes?

No! Don’t listen to the tough guys who claim that pain is a natural part of climbing. However, the shoes should have a snug fit and your toes touch the front of the shoe. So, well, they might a bit tight, but don’t buy too small shoes! Let’s leave that to the real hard-core climbers ;). Spejdersport in Horsens has a limited selection of shoes. Århus has a variety of shops with climbing gear where you can try on shoes.

Does the club arrange any other activities?

We sure do! We go on outings together, arrange parties in the summer and for Christmas, have work gatherings and a variety of other events. Common events strengthen bonds and develop friendships, the club is well known for including new members in both conversations and events. 

Do you also do outdoor climbing?

Absolutely! Many of our members love rock climbing and there will be several opportunities throughout the year to join trips. We arrange an annual trip for all to join to either Bornholm, Sweden or Germany. Families, beginners and experienced climbers all get together for a fabulous time! This trip is either during the Pinse or Kr Himmelfarts holiday. 

I really enjoy volunteering – is there anything I can do to help?

Yes, sure! The club is fuelled by volunteers, their passion and love for climbing, and the climbing community. There is a variety of tasks that need doing, including open-house activities and cleaning. You’ll have a good time – we promise!

Are there any tasks that need doing that I can use to upgrade my CV?   

For sure! Administrative tasks, marketing, event planning, graphic design – there’s a plethora of things to do. Just talk to us and let us know what skills you have, or when you have time to spare.